Please note due to the escalating costs of medical care provision, we have made an adjustment to our pricing. Please find attached our new price schedule effective 1st of July 2024.

Please note, we will send you a confirmation text message 4 days prior to your scheduled appointment. We ask that you reply no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid
automatic cancellation.

We endeavour to maintain our high quality of service, and look forward to welcoming you to Bayside and Melbourne Dermatology soon.


Medicare rebate is available with a valid referral

Initial consultation / Long term review / Biologics / Full Skin Check $345 ($84.15 rebate)
Existing referral – Short term review $295 ($42.30 rebate)
Sub-Specialty consultations – Connective Tissue Disease – 30 Minute Appt with A/Prof Saracino $490 ($84.15 rebate)
Existing referral – Quick Review (e.g. wart/molluscum treatment, spot/mole check) $85 ($42.30 rebate)
Long Appointment Initial/Review > 25 Min $450 (84.15 rebate)
UVB Phototherapy Bulk billed with valid Medicare card and referral
Biopsy  $150 ($50.60 rebate)
Cryotherapy to 10 or more premalignant lesions  $95 ($38.25 rebate)
Skin cancer procedures $150 – $1000 out of pocket (depends on the exact procedure, size, number of
lesions, site, complexity and method of repair)
 A quote will be provided by your treating Dermatologist
Cortisone injections $180-$220 ($43.20 rebate)
Diathermy $50-$350 out of pocket
Biologic Injection with Nurse (First injection is free of charge) $40 – No Rebate